DKT delivers traffic signage and road marking technology to Angola

DKT Deutsche Kennzeichen Technik GmbH, based in Ahrensburg near Hamburg, is strongly active in African countries and its markets and was able to win a project in Angola in the field of motorway and traffic signage. The project, financed by the German Fund’s, included the construction of a 34 km road section between Cariango and Mussende in Kwanza Sul province. For this purpose, qg Konstruktion GmbH was commissioned with project management and construction. DKT supplied approximately 285 small/large-scale traffic signs in special sizes, some with customer-specific pictograms as well as road and marking technology.

The containers from the Weilheim plant to Angola have more than 13,000 kilometres in front of them. The material is already on its way, so the assembly can start on time. The first containers contain a wide range of products, such as: large signs, small signs, pipe posts, pipe frames and fastening material, road marking paint and the associated glass beads.

Together with the project partner, QG Konstruktion GmbH, the responsible managing director André Tavares carried out a acceptance according to the standard and quality specifications, as well as the shipping department prepared the shipment of the goods with extensive customs documents. The reason: for each of the cargo containers, it is possible for an official to carry out a customs inspection. In order to avoid delays and, in the worst case, the return of the products, the entire content as well as the goods to be customs dutymust be accurately logged. From production and directly into the container. Especially in the case of large-scale projects, it sometimes has to be quick to keep to the timetable.

But there are other differences to domestic projects that need to be considered here. Especially the long delivery times are decisive for the successful planning. In addition, all items must be packaged sea-proof, and different colours, fonts or sizes are also possible for foreign projects. Customer orientation and advice are of paramount priority at DKT, whether for domestic or foreign projects. All details and special orders are discussed exactly with the customer, so that all customer requirements are met even for orders that do not meet the standard or the German standard.

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