DKT visits Ministry of Transport in Paraguay

A six-day trip to Paraguay’s capital, Asuncion, focused on transport technology, smart road concepts and customs approval. These and other topics were discussed with representatives from politics and business. Vice-President Hugo Velzquez, Minister of Transport Arnoldo Wiens and Minister of Economic Affairs Liz Cramer took part in the discussions. Prepared, solution-oriented proposals were well received and were deepened together.

Paraguay’s infrastructure project offers enormous opportunities for DKT Deutsche Kennzeichen Technik. The economic power has become steadily more stable after good growth in recent years and the government wants to push ahead with infrastructure projects and take the lead in the Mercosur states. The Latin American prestige project BI-Oceanic, a connection through four states between the west and east coasts, requires a new road network with state-of-the-art traffic technology, which is about 650 km long.

The capital Asuncion also wants to modernise due to increasing traffic volumes and follow Western examples. With the planned introduction of e-mobility in the field of local public transport, the DKT scored points with the ministries. Flexible dynamically networked traffic technology products and “smart city concepts” were in high demand.

Last but not least, the increasing demand for second-hand vehicles and the associated vehicle registrations with regular main and exhaust gas testing are a central and highly political issue. New legislation is intended to regulate the introduction of customs duties for cars from neighbouring countries and make them subject to scrutiny. The DKT scores points with its many years of experience in vehicle registration and technical testing of all types of vehicles, covering the entire process.

During his visit, DKT Managing Director Bernhard Gött was also able to inspire the German ambassador to Paraguay, who also promptly pledged his support for the upcoming projects. “It is important to communicate clearly the project and goals of DKT in Paraguay and also to present solutions and products ‘engineered by Germany’,” said Bernhard Gött after the talks.

What happens next? As a first step, DKT has been able to attract a local sales representative and dealer, who will now drive forward and work out the projects with the respective parties. But much more important is the local network. “Through our local presence, we want to make our customers even closer and design technical solutions according to their customer specifications,” explains Bernhard Gött. DKT has come a big step closer to its goal of internationalising and processing new markets.

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