Intertraffic Amsterdam 2022 – Product innovations and highlights in Hall 1 at Stand 319 “Made in Germany”

Intertraffic Amsterdam is one of the largest and most influential international trade fairs for transport infrastructure, traffic management, road safety and parking. It provides a comprehensive overview of the latest products, services and solutions from the leading industry players. Future trends and developments will also be presented at the event. The top-class visitors include experts and decision-makers from public authorities, consulting companies and relevant industries. The seminar program includes specialist lectures and panel discussions that provide information on current industry topics, market developments, pilot projects and project starts.

In line with the guiding theme of “Traffic and Mobility”, the DKT is presenting its hybrid license plate for the secure identification of vehicles. The affixing of a third license plate behind the windshield to protect against theft, fraud and manipulation is a proven security feature. However, the combination of the “Windshield Tag” with the functionality of two RFID components (HF and UHF) in conjunction with other security features and tamper protection is an innovation. This makes vehicle identification even more efficient and unambiguous.

Vehicle registration data and individual information can be retrieved at any time and in real time with simple readers, both at rest and in flowing traffic. With a standard Android mobile phone and the CarCon app solution from DKT, for example, the registration data of a vehicle can be queried or whether the vehicle is insured or the taxes have been paid. Further use cases such as data from technical vehicle monitoring (PTI), parking authorization, toll or access control are also possible thanks to the hybrid solution. In addition to the new hybrid solution in the third license plate behind the windshield, DKT will present holistic safety concepts and database solutions for complete road/motorway sections or country networks. As a further highlight, future-oriented dynamic LED variable message signs for all areas of road traffic will be on display at the DKT stand. With the constantly increasing volume of traffic, the importance of variable message signs is growing. Prisma technology is an efficient and energy-saving way to visualize directions or information even from a great distance, in heavy traffic, in bad weather and at night.

The extensive product range is supplemented by speed warning systems, which are among the most cost-effective and reliable methods of traffic data collection and accident prevention. Especially the new VISTA Connect is characterized by its numerous extensions and the direct data stream, in addition to the classic modes such as GWA, smiley, symbol, sleep mode and the hidden mode, time settings for the device will also be possible, such as .B 30 zones in the morning and 50 zones in the afternoon. KIV-digital is a premiere, the management of traffic signs, street furniture and products for construction sites and road safety is presented. It is a portal solution (online) for the administration and management of the above areas, using a QR code. The basis for this is the standardized marking of signs by a unique QR code, which can be scanned at any time via a mobile phone. Currently, the recording is often still done manually, is ineffective and error-prone. The digital management of traffic signs is a first step towards digital, municipal inventory management.

KIV-digital is a specially developed system for the digital management of traffic signs and city furniture, which is based on a unique QR code. This serialized QR code is applied to the traffic signs by the manufacturer during production. Existing signs or street furniture can be identified by subsequently attached labels. This serialization enables a simple, digital recording of the municipal inventory with the KIV app. After this inventory, the information can be fed into numerous applications, such as.B regular inspections and inspections of trades. The data is stored in a central database with special access rights. A powerful online portal is available to employees for managing the products. Extras such as map and list view of all traffic signs, automated evaluation, resubmissions, display of history, etc. will make work much easier in the future.

We are happy and grateful that we can present our products with forward-looking technology and future-proof solutions at such a face-to-face event. In our Blues Cafe we invite our customers to linger, offer excellent catering and talk together about future projects. We even thought of a souvenir photo with the consultants in original outfits and the original Dodge Monaco from the Blues Brother film, according to Bernhard Gött – Managing Director of DKT Deutsche Kennzeichen Technik GmbH.

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