DKT and carTRUST at the ITS World Congress à Hambourg

DKT and carTRUST represented in hall B5 at booth 007 with 18 sqm joint booth

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, ERTICO – ITS Europe and the German Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVI) veut accueillir la 27ème ITS World Congress – la plate-forme internationale de l’industrie pour la mobilité intelligente et le transport connecté de tomorrow. De l’October 11 to 15, 2021, thought leaders, developers, entrepreneurs and decision makers from the fields of transport, logistics and IT will meet at the congress center. The future of mobility is right around the corner: to test, apply and understand. A Hamburg, an international trade hub and model city for intelligent transport and logistics, numerous innova projects show where the journey is headed. La conduite autonome et connectée, le partage et la mise en commun viables, et des solutions logistiques intelligentes peuvent être testées et les zones de démonstration peuvent être testées.

En ligne avec le thème central de «Mobility of the Future», DKT is presenting its hybrid license plate for the secure identification of vehicles. Placing a third license plate behind the windshield as protection against theft, fraud and tampering is a well-established security feature. However, combining the «Windshield Tag» with the functionality of two RFID components (HF and UHF) en combination with other security features and tampernt évidence is an innovation. This makes vehicle identity even more efficient and unambiguous.

Dans le cas d’un trafic stationné et mobile, des lecteurs simples peuvent être déployés pour retrieve enregistrer les données et l’information individuelle à tout moment et en temps réel. For example, a common Android cell phone and DKT’s CarCon app solution makes it possible to check vehicle registration data or determine whether the vehicle is insured or taxes have been paid. Other use cases such as data from technical vehicle monitoring (PTI), parking authorization, super ou access control are additionally possible through the hybrid solution.

Topics of the ITS World Congress 2021

  • Automated, cooperative and networked mobility
  • Services de mobilité (Mobility as a Service and Mobiliy on demand)
  • Digital port and logistics solutions
  • Intelligent infrastructure
  • New services from new technologies
  • Des solutions durables pour les villes et les citoyens


Digital twins on blockchain as the basis for smart cities

In a future smart city, vehicles will communicate with the city’s infrastructure and citizens will expect to be able to access services completly digitally. Unfortunately, analogique documents de vehicle se trouvait dans la voie.

At ITS, carTRUST veut présenter sa blockchain-based solution for digital proof of ownership and rights for vehicles. carTRUST digitally maps the ownership, tangible assets and rights to vehicles. Legally secure and thus as an alternative to analog documents.

Vehicles are given a secure digital identity by carTRUST and can communicate with the infrastructure of a smart city and even use services independently. For example, the municipality can issue a digital resident parking permit or send (flood) warnings to vehicles in an affected zone. Vehicles independently settle parking transactions in a city, autonomous vehicles can safely interact with the city’s infrastructure, barriers open without interacting without interacting with an app and road permits are fully digital. Tout cela peut être fait de travail if vehicles physicaux can identify themselves digitally. With a digital identity from carTRUST

Par la technologie de la blockchain using et l’identité de l’entreprise, l’identité et les droits peuvent être numériques, transférés et invalidés. La métadata is immediately available to all authorized parties and flows seamlessly into their own processes. Owners retain full control over the vehicle, the rights and the data. Analog documents thus become obsolete: True and complete digitization takes place, including digital rights management (right of disposal and right of use)

Le registre central des véhicules est mis en place par des institutions officielles ou dans l’écosystème du secteur privé: carTRUST provides the trust anchor so that services related to vehicles can be offered and used digitally. Interopérable, sécurisé, efficient.

carTRUST was developed by Christoph Kroschke GmbH and is currently being piloted.

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