Secure registration systems
Made in Germany

DKT Deutsche Kennzeichen Technik develops innovative systems for vehicle registration as well as for traffic control and monitoring. As a manufacturer of license plates and traffic signs of all kinds for international markets, DKT has worldwide expertise to improve road safety.

Under the umbrella of DKT, the Kroschke Group and Bremicker Verkehrstechnik combine a wealth of experience and expertise that comes from a 149-year tradition of family-owned companies. By bringing together the two German market leaders, it is possible to offer a holistic strategy for digital security.

Vehicle registration

Registration software, digital licencing process

Secure vehicle license plates

Windshield tags, holograms, watermarks, laser marking, laser lettering, country features (flag, logo, emblem), 2D barcodes, serial numbers, inspection badges

Vehicle identification

RFID/NFC solutions, windshield tags, RFID scanners, software and app solutions

Traffic solutions

Variable message signs are an effective solution for demanding and flexible requirements in road traffic


The simple app for
Vehicle registration

Vehicle identification

Our technology for identification
of vehicles in traffic

Security features

Counterfeit-proof license plates
with our technology


Our facilities for
Production of license plates


The digital vehicle database
with app solution

Smart City

More safety in urban transport
thanks to networked technology

Variable message signs

Always the right sign

Safer traffic with DKT

DKT provides modular or holistic security concepts for companies, government agencies and entire states.

Vehicle identification

Smart City

Bernhard Gött
Managing Director, CEO

Philipp Kroschke
Head of the company Kroschke Group

Heiko Schmidt
Head of International Sales
& Project Management

Klaus Burger
Senior Consultant Projects

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