Secure vehicle license plates

A secure registration process starts with a secure, clearly assigned registration plate for vehicles of all kinds. Security features, such as holograms, laser engraving, watermarks or seals can be combined as per the customer’s requirements. Integration into existing concepts is also possible.

When used together, the security features increase protection against vehicle and registration plate theft, manipulation, fraud and copying. They ensure the authenticity of the primary vehicle identification.

A unique vehicle identity and authenticity is created by connecting the information from the windshield tag with the vehicle and the owner. The authenticity is guaranteed by the assignment (“marriage”) in the registration database or the vehicle register!

DKT produces registration plate blanks of all kinds, sizes and designs for all vehicle types as well as for national and international markets. Our “Made in Germany” quality standard is based on DIN 74069 as well as ISO 7591 and ISO 9001:2015.

Security features

Hologram effects can be individually designed and enhanced with a range of security features: microtext, nanotext and tilt effects.

The, in some cases, individualised holograms are tamper-proof and are connected to the registration plate blank during production.

A 2D barcode (e.g. data matrix, QR, etc.) is applied or printed on the reflecting film by a laser. This barcode can contain a range of data to ensure that only permitted registration numbers are embossed and only certified registration plates are issued. This is generally connected with a 9-digit serial number.

The barcode and the 9-digit serial number can significantly increase transparency and traceability. The path of the vehicle registration plate is always transparent, from production and issue through to registration and secure destruction at the end of its service life.

The retroreflective film is marked with continuous markings/waves or an individual design using modern laser technology when manufacturing the plate.

These can be viewed with the naked eye at an angle (type of watermark) or front on. This additional security feature provides increased protection against the production of copies and forgeries.

The retroreflective film can be printed in any design, customised, multi-colour and in different sizes during the manufacturing process.

Many countries also print emblems, logos or flags on the vehicle registration plates. This gives the registration plate the character of an official document and also increases security against the production of copies and forgeries.

A relatively simple security feature against manipulation and fraud for vehicle license plates and vehicle registration (including customs registration) is a multi-colour and forgery-proof sticker. This is stuck on the plate when issuing the registration plates.

Special materials and security cut-outs prevent the non-destructive removal of the registration plate. This ensures that it is not possible to manipulate and remove the sticker and its status is visible.

These stickers are often used in connection with the technical vehicle inspection (PTI – periodical technical inspection) and gives the registration plate additional visual uses.

The use of unique embossed lettering based on a customer-specific stamping foil (e.g. “valid”, country name, etc.) together with other embossed features (border and country markings) help to prevent manipulation and the fraudulent production of the registration plate.

Customised hot embossing foils with or without inscriptions provide greater protection against falsification while also providing UV and weather-resistance.
In addition, the use of embossed lettering supports camera-based vehicle recognition.

1. Security features

2D barcode with digital signature
Watermarks and laser marks
Country feature (logo, emblem, flag)
PTI stickers
Individual hot embossing foil

Production and tools

As a complete provider of vehicle registration technology, we develop and supply embossing presses, hot embossing machines and embossing tools for various output ranges with our highest quality and security standard. Modular design and ease of use with low maintenance effort that you can rely on!

We have the latest technology for producing registration plates. This ensures that our customers always receive top-quality products and exceptional delivery reliability.

When manufacturing our high-quality plates for innovative license plate systems, we rely on the “Made in Germany” quality in line with DIN 74069, ISO 7591 and ISO 9001:2015. We manufacture registration plate blanks in different sizes, designs and styles for Germany and international markets.

Reliability and precision are the top priority!

35t/50t embossing press

The 35t embossing press is ideal for finishing registration plates in all standard formats. During continuous embossing, it reaches an embossing speed of up to 240 units per hour. Together with our embossing folding frame, the 50t embossing press is ideally suited for creating even the most delicate characters and precisely implementing embossed margins in individual formats.

All of our embossing presses are CE certified and can be operated with a conventional 230V power supply. They have a maintenance-free hydraulic unit. Optional additional sound insulation for the hydraulics as well as a rack with space for 270 clapper dies and 1,000 registration plate blanks is available.

Hot embossing machine

The hot embossing machine with electronic temperature monitoring enables straightforward, odour-free and fast colouring of vehicle license plates. With a throughput time of just 10 seconds per plate, this allows up to 360 registration plates to be coloured every hour (520 mm long). The hot embossing machine is available in three designs: for machining vehicle license plates in a maximum height of 125mm, 178mm and 250mm.

A combined machine with press and hot embossing unit in one is possible!

Our experience for the benefit of our customers: A local production and sourcing process becomes increasingly important when introducing registration plates to ensure that customers and governments are serviced quickly and effectively.

If customer-specific manufacturing processes are required, DKT provides development and consultation services, from the selection of the machinery through to the supplier networks for optimal output with the highest quality standards.

DKT has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 for almost 25 years. During this time, DKT has not just developed and maintained quality management systems at the highest standard for a huge number of orders to manufacture and supply vehicle license plates, the company has also always achieved outcomes of the highest quality.

DKT recently incorporated the management of the compliance with occupational health and safety provisions (according to AS/NZ 4801 standard) and ISO 27001, the international information security standard, into the overall quality system.

2. Production and tools

Vehicle license plates “Made in Germany”
Embossing machines and tools
Customer-oriented manufacturing process
Quality and security accreditation

Windshield tag


Incorrectly registered vehicles generate high losses around the world – from tax losses through to motor vehicle thefts and increased security risks, such as the handling of access controls. This requires effective measures to deter and identify fraud and abuse more quickly.

The solution: Windshield tags
with RFID functionality and tamper-evident design

In addition to the classic aluminium registration plates on the front and rear of the vehicle, the windshield tag is attached to the inside of the windscreen, so it is located in the protected vehicle interior. Moreover, a direct connection between the vehicle and the number plate is already established during the registration process. It also offers protection against non-destructive removal. The proof of registration is therefore protected against unauthorised access. The self-adhesive seal bears the vehicle data issued by the licensing authority. Identification is possible in moving as well as stationary traffic. Besides the clear vehicle identification, the system also covers other fields of application: e.g. proof of insurance, tax confirmation, technical vehicle inspection, parking permit, toll or access controls.




Unique vehicle identification and validation with the vehicle registration as well as the non-contact read-out of vehicle data


Lets law enforcement officials simply and reliably validate both license plates on the vehicle


Positive deterrent and protection against fraud, theft and falsification within the vehicle registration process. The registration authorities individualise the windshield tag on a special inscription field using thermal transfer printing.


Modular, variable and secure: The product can be adapted depending on the required security level and individual requirements; a range of possible applications and data storage

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