Traffic solutions

Traffic on motorways and country roads is constantly increasing. This also increases the demands on road equipment. Those responsible have to respond to environmental and traffic situations at an ever faster pace and use traffic control systems to enable the smooth flow of traffic for all road users. Variable message signs are an effective solution for demanding and flexible requirements in road traffic. Up to three different pieces of information can be shown on a prismatic sign.

Variable message signs (prism, LED)

Variable message signs are available with LED or LCD technology. The latest technology makes important displays even more visible, which increases safety on the roads. LED variable message signs can be used in all conceivable areas of road traffic. Variable road signs are becoming ever more important as traffic increases. At Bremicker Verkehrstechnik we specialise in constructing LED signs in line with the StVO (German Road Traffic Regulations), RWVZ (German Guidelines for Variable Message Signs) and EN 12966. Extraordinary situations often require extraordinary signs. We can also manufacture the right sign in LED technology for any special circumstances. Road signs, warnings or requests can then be clearly signalled, even in dense traffic, poor weather and at night.

Gantries and cantilevers

Overhead and ground-anchored signs require long-term and precise planning in order to comply with the requirements of the RWB (German Guidelines for Signposting) and RWBA (German Guidelines for Signposting on Motorways). Construction projects of this type are completely costed and holistically processed by our experienced construction managers. As a leading manufacturer of traffic technology, we are completely familiar with the requirements placed on our products. This expertise is applied to construction projects in our sector.

Our team of project managers specialises in all construction projects that need to comply with the RWB and RWBA. Our extensive experience means that we can advise and support you from the planning through to the execution and installation as well as the acceptance of overhead signs on gantries and cantilever signage.

Speed warning systems

Speed warning systems set new and innovative benchmarks for displaying and evaluating speed measurements. Speed warning systems are amongst the most cost-effective and reliable methods for acquiring traffic data and preventing traffic accidents. The Temposys T03 speed warning system is ideal for traffic control in traffic-sensitive areas, such as schools, kindergartens, retirement homes, residential and many other areas. The integrated radar sensor measures the speed of the vehicles. The measurement is immediately shown on the speed warning system’s display and stored on a memory card, together with the date and time, for statistical evaluations. The stored data can easily be read out using a USB card reader and evaluated using a software tailored to the device or exported to MS Excel.

Besides the colour selection, the display’s flash intervals can also be varied to clearly distinguish between compliant and unlawful speeds. To ensure the optimal visibility of the LED display at the different locations, the brightness is automatically continuously adjusted. The Temposys T03 is a speedometer with an extremely durable aluminium housing.

Production of road signs of all types

Digital Car Pricing System

Bremicker’s Digital Car Pricing System (DCPS) sets new standards in vehicle sales. Dealerships are convinced: the digital wireless price tag will revolutionise the used-car market!

The base station (“coordinator”) is permanently installed at a suitable location in your dealership. Data, such as price and product information, financing offers, pictures, logos, QR codes, etc., can now be transferred and sent wirelessly, directly to the displays (wireless price tags).

The tedious printing and replacing of price sheets and their allocation to the right car is now a thing of the past!

The display transmits information, such as temperature, signal strength and battery charge to the control station. The energy-saving, bistable displays permit battery lives of up to approx. 3 years to be achieved. The display even retains its current information in the event of a power failure.

Smart City

DKT International plays a leading role in the research and development of RFID products and solutions. We also work together with several universities and independent research institutions.
Combining road safety and vehicle identification with digital solutions and data applications is our passion!

In Germany and around the world, we have formed strategic alliances and are actively involved in the areas of secure vehicle data structures, road safety concepts, intelligent traffic systems and electronic vehicle identification (EVI).

As a manufacturer with over 80 years of experience in the areas of vehicle registration and traffic technology, we know what counts.