DKT delivers first VERIS 01 to Ecuador

Speed warning systems are among the most cost-effective and reliable methods of collecting traffic data and preventing traffic accidents. The VERIS 01 in particular stands out with its extended modes, the innovative camera system creates snapshots of the current traffic situation, recognizes vehicle biometrics and can take a picture at freely definable intervals with the interval mode. In Germany, the high-quality traffic information systems are often used as multifunction displays in the municipal environment, with a particular focus on traffic-sensitive areas such as kindergartens, schools, residential areas or construction sites. But the demand for smart and innovative traffic technology is also increasing on the international market.

The first VERIS 01 speed warning system was installed in the Ecuadorian capital Quito. In cooperation with our local dealer Jorge Martínez (MC Diagnostico Automotriz) and the Municipality of Quito, the device was successfully put into operation and the first information texts were pre-installed. There are no limits to the various information options for the VERIS 01 in colour, font and image combinations. Our customers were particularly enthusiastic about the color selection, but also about the possibility to point out special caution to their road users in changing traffic situations.

The traffic density on the South American continent is increasing every year. This also increases the requirements for modern and safe traffic information, but not only innovation, but also quality and sustainability play a major role for the decision-makers of the city administration of Quito. The newly installed VERIS is mainly powered by solar energy. In addition, we offer you high-quality and innovative products in the field of road traffic technology. With this project, DKT Deutsche Kennzeichen Technik has installed a significant reference object to expand sales activities in smaller cities and municipalities in Ecuador and throughout Latin America.



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