Vehicle identification

​Placing a windshield tag behind the windscreen as protection against theft, fraud and manipulation is a tried and tested security feature. But the “windshield tag” with the functionality of two RFID components (HF and UHF) in combination with other security features and tamper-evident design is an innovation. This makes vehicle identification even more efficient and unambiguous.

Hybrid windshield tag
The most innovative RFID/NFC solution

Simple scanners can be used to access vehicle data from the registration and individual information in real-time in stationary as well as moving traffic. For instance, a common Android mobile phone and our CarCon app solution let you check the vehicle registration data or determine whether the vehicle is insured or the taxes have been paid. Other applications, such as obtaining data from the technical vehicle inspection (PTI), parking permit, toll or access controls are also possible using the hybrid solution.

RFID scanners

Tried and tested overhead readers and RFID reader products, which can be mounted on gantries, toll bridges or existing transport infrastructure, such as bridges or overpasses, read the vehicle data via the UHF antenna. In addition, handheld scanners allow the vehicle data check to be performed in stationary traffic or for parked vehicles.

Our hybrid windshield tag also allows the vehicle data to be easily read out using standard mobile phones.

CarCON software with app solution

Our developed CarCon software is a central database solution and compares the stored data on the hybrid windshield tag with the vehicle data and information from the vehicle registration and a vehicle’s other applications (such as insurance, taxes, technical vehicle inspection, etc.). If a comparison provides a negative result, the registration data is incorrect or has been manipulated, or the vehicle has been reported as stolen by the police, the status is displayed in our mobile app solution in real-time. Different users can have different control and access rights.

The CarCon app is a cutting-edge instrument for vehicle identification at the highest level, especially for fast access to vehicle data and information at checkpoints, whether at roadside checks or at the technical vehicle inspection (PTI stations)!

Vehicle biometry

Imagine that a car could be completely and clearly identified, similar to a biometric passport for humans. A quick scan at 200 km/h?

Our vision: Vehicle recognition by “face scanning” a vehicle, which is unambiguous and connected to the VIN (vehicle identification number) as well as to the registration database, owner and the vehicle registration.

Benefits and applications

Central vehicle database connected to the local registration process

Objective: To provide and use secure and correct vehicle data in real-time in stationary and moving traffic

Simple and reliable validation of the registration plates on the vehicle with the vehicle database

Online check via smartphone with mobile solutions

Double comparison of the data via camera and RFID tracking

Increased protection against theft, manipulation, fraud and falsification of registration plates

Reliable vehicle check for authorities and private users

Mobile applications and requests of vehicle/owner data are possible at any time

Additional applications, such as parking permits, access controls, toll or technical information can be combined for technical vehicle monitoring

Secure and innovative together with the latest road sign systems

Can be implemented with Road Safety and Smart City concepts