Together stronger – the two companies DKT and Utsch enter into a strategic partnership.

Amsterdam April 17, 2024- Two leading companies in the field of license plate production, vehicle identification & registration systems, DKT Deutsche Kennzeichen Technik GmbH and Erich Utsch AG, today announce their strategic cooperation to improve the production of high quality and secure license plates. Among other things, this partnership provides for cooperation in the future production process of DKT and a mutual supply of primary materials. The common goal is to increase and improve efficiency, quality and logistics processes.

To this end, UTSCH and DKT are combining their expertise and resources to drive innovation in the field of vehicle registration, identification and car data management through smart and digital solutions to meet the increasing demands of the market. Part of this cooperation is a highly innovative state-of-the-art production line from Utsch, with which DKT will realign its production at a modified and optimized location. DiThe two companies agree that this will lead to increased flexibility in production and access to a wide range of smart solutions for the future. The focus is on the environment and sustainability in production, logistics and recycling processes with suppliers.

“This future collaboration is a significant step for our market positioning,” said Bernhard Gött, CEO of DKT. “Thanks to the experience and technological leadership of our partner Utsch, we can improve our entire production process and, more importantly, bring high-quality products to market faster.”

In the future, both companies would like to work closely together to build up suppliers for the supply of primary materials for the production of vehicle license plates with their own claim to quality and standardization and a focus on sustainability. One example of this is that in future, license plates are to be made exclusively from recycled aluminum.
Dominic Höffgen, CEO of uGroup, is very positive about the future collaboration: “The cooperation is a win-win situation for both groups of companies and will not only help to strengthen the partners’ supply chains, but also, where markets demand it, to jointly present existing solutions with the best customer benefits.”

Both companies therefore also see synergies in the area of international sales and a willingness to work some defined markets together. According to the motto “Together we are even stronger”, digital and smart products and solutions for vehicle identification with RFID and NFC are to be bundled and promoted.

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