DKT and Catch supply traffic monitoring system to Peruvian police

Crime in Peru is high and vehicle theft or stolen items from the vehicle is constantly increasing. No one can park their vehicle carefree and unobserved in a parking lot. Although the police have made a number of efforts to combat this type of crime, it seems to be on the rise. This should now be over, the chief of the department “Diprove” has made it his task. As part of a funded pilot project, José Zavala turned to the German-Dutch experts on vehicle monitoring. Together with Catch-System, DKT supports and supplies German license plate technology, so-called ALPRmobile systems. Police vehicles as well as motorcycles were equipped with the new, mobile system.

Crime in the area of vehicle theft continues to dominate all the front pages of national newspapers. According to the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI), more than 1,600 vehicles were stolen in the country every month in 2021 alone. With this in mind, PNP Colonel José Zavala, head of the Department for the Prevention and Investigation of Vehicle Thefts (Diprove), emphasized the importance of technological equipment that facilitates the daily work of officials. He also reported that in his jurisdiction the use of an intelligent camera system was approved. The monitoring system is able to capture more than 6,000 vehicle license plates in one day and compare them with a database in real time.

“It is spectacular to have these kinds of technological tools in our police vehicles, which are connected via interface with the databases we manage and we can retrieve directly in the vehicle. As part of the pilot project, the monitoring system will be retrofitted to a motorcycle and a vehicle. If this were extended to all police vehicles, it would be a hard blow to crime in Peru. We could then secure many more cars than today, said José Zavala.

A device capable of capturing the license plate of each passing vehicle, instantly connecting to the database system, and triggering a warning message on a touchscreen indicating whether the vehicle has been stolen or whether it has received unpaid fines is a future-proof tool of any traffic control authority.

A special customer advantage of the ALPRmobile system is the latest hardware and software generation, as well as the particularly compact design. Not immediately perceptible for the flowing traffic at first glance and designed for mobile use on two-wheelers, as well as inside the vehicle. Retrofitting into existing vehicle fleets is possible at any time.

In addition to license plates with extensive security features or RFID/NFC solutions, DKT also supplies software for vehicle registration with database solutions. In traffic technology, DKT sees itself as a full-service provider of traffic signs, assembly and installation devices, city and municipal supplies, speed warning systems via traffic monitoring systems, the online shop is available to customers.

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